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I’ve been working as a model on and off since I was 16. The photo with the snake is my favourite one because being close to that beautiful animal whilst surrounded by nature was such a great day that I’ll always remember. Working as a model didn’t mean I knew anything about beauty as such. And I’m still on a mission every day to teach myself more about organic products, about healthy food and the right mindset.

Being told by media what to look like, and at the same time working within media at an adverting agency as well as modelling has been tough. Today I try to find the stuff that makes my skin and soul happy and share that with you.

Pic by Anna Osk

I started writing about beauty products in Swedish back in 2015 when I helped create a magazine based in Gothenburg. In may 2018 I moved to Brighton for love, but I just couldn’t give up writing or my obsession for serums. I wanted to know more about organic skincare, matcha tea, hemp oil, and overall a more Zen lifestyle so I figured that a blog would be the perfect solution for me to post about the stuff I like while making a new life for myself.

I’ll be posting recipes, beauty illustrations, product reviews, some lifestyle elements and personal thoughts on beauty and health.

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Clean & Bright is the sister site and quite the opposite to Dirt & Delight; my blog filled with sex toy reviews. Read that one here