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This article was originally written by me in Swedish for Happy Green Magazine. If you prefer reading it in Swedish click here

I must begin by acknowledging that brushes and combs haven’t really caught my interest up until now. Before this test I obviously owned a hairbrush, but had not reflected on whether it was even suitable for my hair or if I should have looked for another one. After testing some different kinds from the brand Tek, I have realized the importance of a good one and hope to inspire you to do the same.

There are brushes and combs for all hair types, so it is important to find the right one for you and your needs, as well as your personal taste. Tek has designed a whole range in wood that is a hypoallergenic material, as well as being very elegant.

Paddle brush for normal hair
I tested a paddle brush with wooden pins that is gentle on both hair and scalp. I instantly felt a difference to my old brush with metal pins that angrily pulls on my poor hair. The natural rubber base makes it easy to remove hair and clean the brush. Even in wet hair, it feels more gentle and the relatively large, slightly rounded tips on each individual wooden pin give a lovely massage to your scalp. This feels like a gentle and good brush for everyday use.

Wild boar brush for thin and fine hair
Furthermore, I tested a genuine wild boar brush that suits all hair types, but is designed to be especially good for thin fine hair. It feels incredibly soft and light in the hair as it gently separates it without tearing. This is a really good brush for my bleached hair that easily breaks, and now I understand the difference between a brush and a brush! It makes the hair glossy and it’s good as a styling brush as it also puts even the smallest frizzy little hairs in place. My boyfriend has also been very happy with this product, which works well on both long and short hair.

Comb for thick hair
Finally, I tried Teks comb with extra wide teeth. It should be best suited for thick and curly hair which I do not have… However, I find that it works well in wet hair if you have fragile hair that tends to break easier when wet as mine does. It also works fine if you curl your hair and want to separate the curls a bit for a more natural look.

Please note that Happy Green does not ship products outside Sweden.