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This article was originally written by me in Swedish for Happy Green Magazine. If you prefer reading it in Swedish click here

A big fat Hooray for handmade organic products completely free from harmful chemicals. Bruns nicely designed packaging with fragrant content has completely seduced me!

I have bleached my hair more or less regularly for more than ten years, and I go through periods when it’s healthy and others when it’s the exact opposite. Right now I’m struggling with damaged hair from less successful home bleaching sessions, and know that the rescue usually is moisturizing products, a haircut and to give my hair a rest until it has recovered. Without any higher expectations of the products I was given to test, I hopped into the shower to review what would be an addictive good result.

Bruns No. 1: Shampoo with coconut
I seriously can’t remember a better shampoo! It smells of lemon curd and childhood memories of Christmas Eve. Can Bruns just make a perfume that smells like this, please? The product is designed for thin or normal hair with guar powder that adds volume and jojoba oil that gets rid of dandruff. According to instructions on the bottle, you should shampoo the hair twice to get the best soldering effect. Although I think it is fine and abundant the first time, I have used it according to the instructions. The hair smells amazing afterwards and feels soft and pliable even before the conditioner. Along with Bruns hair mask, this really is a good treatment for anyone with tired hair.

Bruns No. 1: Conditioner with coconut
This product does not have the same phenomenal scent as the shampoo, but is still very nice. For extra moisture and nourishment, the product contains avocado oil and aloe vera which gives you an extra kick of a really clean and soft result.

Bruns No. 14: Hair soufflé with Mint
Me and my split ends have really fallen for this hair product. Previously, I used hair oil after showers, but the hair looks slightly greasy and must, therefore, be washed more often, which in my case leads to it being drier… However, this treat for your hair has managed to break the vicious circle as it’s much less greasy but still has the same good properties. The feeling of freshly washed hair stays longer, and if you distribute the product in moist hair before blow-drying, it adds a nice volume. The only negative is that the scent of that lovely shampoo disappears. But I can live with that.

Bruns No. 13: Unscented salt spray
I had not used salt spray before, as it’s usually described as a product that adds texture for the right beach feeling which to me just seemed like willingly wanting dry hair. I already have that so why add to the problem. Therefore, I was pleasantly surprised when I tested this 4 in 1 product. It works on all hair types as a volume spray, styling spray, day-after treatment for tired hair and to give you that beach look if wanted. If you have short hair, it also works great as a styling product if you don’t want to use wax.

Bruns No. 22: Hair mask with bergamot
This is a true moisture bomb for a bleached and damaged hair like mine. With goodies such as jojoba oil and shea butter on the list of contents, the product nourishes and moisturizes your hair, counteract split ends, add shine and stimulates the scalp. I’ve used the hair mask after almost every wash and been letting it sit for at least 5 minutes. You can also sleep with the mask to really let the hair pick up all the good stuff. I find that the hair feels much softer and more healthy after the treatment, and above all the mask adds a much needed “weight” to my otherwise frizzy hair.

Bruns No. 8: Deodorant with fresh cypress
I have tested a bunch of natural deodorants before and this is another one without parabens, alcohol and aluminium. I have also previously written about why it is a good idea to invest in natural products for a healthier body and environment.

When it comes to deodorants, the transition from one product to another can be difficult, especially if you haven’t used a natural one before. I’ve been lucky and experienced a relatively smooth transition earlier, but with this particular product the first week was somewhat more difficult and I felt that I needed to wash my armpits and add more deodorant a few times a day compared to other products that will last all day. However, I do not advise against this product with a lovely mild scent of mint and herbs; I just want to remind you again that it can take a while for the body to adapt, which is completely in order.

Bruns No. 5: Unscented detox shampoo
This shampoo is specially designed for those who are sensitive to perfume or have an easily irritated scalp. The detox effect occurs when you get an abundant lather, which means that this shampoo too can require several rounds of washing. One advice I got was to use the detox shampoo for a hefty spring cleaning and then follow up with the hair mask for a beneficial moisture bomb. The hair may feel a little dry after a detox treatment so this was a very good tip.

Bruns No. 3: Unscented detox conditioner
The product contains avocado oil, aloe vera and vitamin E which together moisturize and protect your hair and adds shine. The hair feels wonderfully soft after use despite the fact that the detox shampoo can make the hair a little rough. This conditioner can also be used as a makeup remover, shaving cream and body lotion! Although I dream of a perfume with the fragrance of Bruns coconut shampoo, I think it’s brilliant that there are unscented products for anyone who is sensitive.

I can warmly recommend these products. Take a look at Bruns selection of treats and I dare to guarantee that you will find a new favourite!

Please note that Happy Green does not ship products outside Sweden.