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Although it’s mainly water, watermelon does contain a surprising amount of good stuff: potassium which supports the growth of new skin cells, selenium which protects cells from damage and zinc which prevents acne. Watermelon also helps promote collagen formation and has blood-building chlorophyll, which is great for circulation. Oh, and did you know that you can eat the rind? Yep, and it’s good for you. If you don’t like the taste, try mixing it into a smoothie with other healthy and tasty stuff.

The rind has libido-boosting powers that come from the amino acid Citrulline and may help men with mild to moderate erectile dysfunction. It’s also a great source of lycopene, an antioxidant that could possibly help ward off prostate cancer. More research is needed, but it sure won’t harm trying it.


Antioxidants help fight and neutralize free radicals, which are known to damage skin cells and collagen, causing wrinkles and dry skin. And Blueberries are full of antioxidants!


These green leaves bring all the antioxidants to the yard, as well as vitamin A and the skills to reduce wrinkles. I put kale in my morning smoothie EVERY DAY and I love it! It’s also known to promote hair growth and maybe that’s why my hair has been growing so long lately.


Healthy fats are great for your skin. Avocados help regenerate damaged skin cells and reduce redness and irritation. I like half an avocado in my smoothie or in my salad with dinner. Avocados are also full of vitamin C and E and will help your skin look firm and dewy,


Another source of healthy fat for your skin, as well as omega 3 and 6. Nuts are also full of selenium, which protects your cells from damage by neutralizing free radicals, soothe redness, and fights inflammation. A handful per day is enough to keep your skin looking good.


Any inflammation in your body is rough on the skin. Turmeric has incredible anti-inflammatory properties, keeping your skin looking fresh and young, while also helping relieve more serious inflammatory skin problems such as eczema and rosacea.

I actually feel that these ingredients would make a lovely skin-boosting smoothie together. What are your favourite superfoods this spring?