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This article was originally written by me in Swedish for Happy Green Magazine. If you prefer reading it in Swedish click here

It’s time for a better, more eco-friendly skincare routine and a healthier makeup bag. One of the companies creating natural beauty is the Swedish brand Estelle & Thild, founded in 2007 by Pernilla Rönnberg. The company offers skincare and makeup completely free of unnecessary chemicals.

When Pernilla worked as a CEO of a Swedish beauty company, she realized that our beloved products often contain a large number of harmful substances. “A regular morning routine can contain over 200 chemicals,” she writes on the company’s website, and thus she was inspired to create a better alternative with future generations in mind. Estelle & Thild’s beauty products are made from pure ingredients, luxurious oils and extracts. They are ecologically certified and comes in recyclable packaging.

I tested the beauty range BioMineral Makeup which consists of a number of makeup products in soft tones for a natural look. Mineral makeup is especially good for anyone with sensitive skin, eczema, or rosacea because the products don’t clog the pores, but allow the skin to breathe.

Natural powders and eyeshadows with attitude
Let’s start with the blusher, powder and bronzer. These three products have a nice finish and a wonderful ability to seamlessly blend with other components such as primer, highlighter or eye shadow – whether you wear foundation or not. The powder is not fully covering but gives you that matte finish. The bronzer and blusher are soft and sweet for a light sun-kissed and very natural result which I enjoy.

The eye shadows, however, have more power! I have tested three colours: Cocoa which is matte, and Sparkling Caramel and Marble with a shimmering effect. The latter is fantastic, even as a highlighter! These products will last you all day, regardless of the surface.

I was very curious to test Estelle & Thild’s liquid foundation but it was, unfortunately, the product that worked the least for me. I have very pale skin, and often have problems finding the right shade. Although this one matched my skin tone relatively well, though somewhat yellow, it was mostly the consistency I didn’t agree with. I find that it was absorbed by my skin very quickly and therefore difficult to distribute evenly over my face. I like a fully covering product this time a year when my skin is still too pale and tired. But if you prefer a less covering product, I think it will work just fine. And it will probably work better for me as soon as the summer kicks in fully and make my skin look healthier.

Give organic kisses this summer
Instead, let’s focus on my favourite; a lipstick in the colour cashmere. I love it!
I was unhappy about how glossy my lips looked at first since I usually prefer a matte result, but this lipstick is absorbed quickly and leaves the lips wonderfully soft. And I didn’t mind it not being matte. The colour is long lasting, and immediately became my new favourite! Check out all the nice shades and indulge in organic kissing this summer.

For the lips, I also got a lip balm in the colour Blossom Beige and a lip gloss in the colour Garden Party. I am usually not a fan of gloss on my lips but since I fell head over heels for the lipstick I was curious to test these products to see if they could make me rethink. However, they did not.

The lipstick is somehow absorbed and I soon forget that I’m wearing it. These glossy products do not, which results in me being extremely aware of them, and experiencing my lips feeling all sticky…Also, am I the only one who cannot go outdoors with lip gloss without my hair blowing over the mouth and instantly getting stuck? To defend these products though;  if you like glossy lips, these ones with jojoba oil are definitely worth testing as the colours are just lovely, and they WILL last as long as your hairstyle stays put.